Rebar/Forklift Operator

???Background Friendly/Case by case (Mansfield Texas Area)???

Position and secure steel bars used reinforce concrete. Use a variety of fasteners, rod-bending machines, blowtorches, and hand tools.

Job Duties and Tasks for: “Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Worker”
1) Cut and fit wire mesh or fabric, using hooked rods, and position fabric or mesh in concrete to reinforce concrete.

2) Cut rods to required lengths, using metal shears, hacksaws, bar cutters, or acetylene torches.

3) Bend steel rods with hand tools and rod bending machines.

4) Determine quantities, sizes, shapes, and locations of reinforcing rods.

5) Certified Forklift Operator

Company offers a 401K when hired on permanently.
This is a Temp to Permanent Position.
Send me an email if interested and I will set up an interview time.

Contact Ray, @ ray@alwaystherepersonnel.net
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